The Managing Body

The Sustainable Energy Cluster, constituted in the form of a Temporary Association of Companies (TAC), has appointed the company IPS ScpA as the Managing Body, with a special collective mandate without reporting to a board, free of charge and irrevocable and is under bookkeeping obligations.IPS is an all public capital, non-profit company set up to create the most favourable conditions for a sustainable economic growth of the area and to encourage business activities, promoting and developing economic development programs and plans, developing the diffusion of sustainable energies. IPS carries out the following main types of activities:

- management of infrastructure development initiatives and recovery of areas for production sites;

- consulting and assistance for local public companies and institutions;

- management and realization of renewable energy power plants;

- management of community projects and programs;

- arrangement of the “provincial energy strategic plan”. 

IPS ScpA is organising various activities for the opening of the Savona Campus, in association with the “Energy 2020” Research Centre, promoted by the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Genoa. In particular, it is covering all the costs of completing and upgrading the laboratories that will carry out research into the integration and harmonisation of energy production from fossil fuels with that from renewable sources.