Istituto Regionale per la Floricoltura (IRF) Sanremo

Commodities sector


Year of establishment

L.r. n.22 del 2/7/1976 modificata da L.r. 39 del 1/12/2006

     Numbers of employees

n. 12 people employed under permanent contract and an average annual number of 20 co-workers under fixed- term contract

Legal head office

Via Carducci n.12- 18038 SANREMO (IM)

Operational and commercial offices

Via Carducci n.12- 18038 SANREMO (IM)

Website and contacts  Tel. +39 0184.535149 - Fax + 39 0184.542111

Description and specific excellence

The Regional Institute for Floriculture (IRF), Sanremo ,is an instrumental body belongs to the Agriculture Department of Liguria. Its mission is to promote, to realize and to coordinate research activities addressed to the floriculture sector. IRF is also pursuing the territorial development by training and dissemination activities.

Products, services, end markets

- Horticultural products belonging to cut flower, cut foliage and pot production

- Specialized services to support the floriculture sector mainly addressed to: phytopatological analyses, setting up of initial stock of plant material to be used for industrial purposes, screening for disease resistance and integrated pest management protocols, technical advice, licensing for horticultural crops object of the IRF breeding programs, activities for the development of new crops and new sustainable management through the cooperation with breeders and growers of the territory.

- The target markets are connected to the productions of our growers mainly addressed to North- Europe. For same products, the USA and Japan markets are important. New products can be introduced also into the national market.