ASG Superconductors S.p.A.

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Corso F.M. Perrone, 73R  16152 Genova

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Corso F.M. Perrone, 73R  16152 Genova

Tel 010 6489111 Fax 010 6489277

Via Melara 40 - 19100 La Spezia

Tel 0187020534 Fax 0187020277

Website and contacts  Tel  010 6489111 Fax  010 6489277

Description and specific excellence

ASG Superconductors is a particularly dynamic company, which is a significant contributor on an International scale in terms of the production and manufacture of conventional and superconductive magnets for research into high-energy physics and thermo-nuclear fusion. 

The recent corporate developments of ASG Superconductors have given the Genoa-based Company complete management and operating autonomy, particularly in terms of marketing, sales and production strategies.

ASG Superconductors has developed competencies ranging from design and manufacturing up to testing of complete superconducting magnet systems.  ASG works at the highest level of an extremely specialized and constantly evolving sector, requiring an ongoing commitment to improving production capacity and technological expertise, as well as to availing itself of the contribution of qualified and motivated human resources, all aiming to achieve corporate goals. 

Products, services, end markets 

ASG Superconductors deals with design, development, fabrication, installation and commissioning of superconducting/resistive magnetic systems, cryogenic systems, resonating cavity systems, for industrial and research applications and services on relevant technologies.  The superconducting and resistive magnets used in scientific research, in the fields of high-energy physics, thermo-nuclear fusion and in the medical sector are the main products developed by ASG Superconductors.  Few companies can boast such a significant and long-lasting position on the market for these special components.  For over 50 years the Company has been designing and manufacturing magnets in a wide variety of shapes and sizes: solenoids for laboratories, magnets for accelerators (dipole, quadrupole and higher order multipoles), experimental magnets for high-energy physics research, poloidal and toroidal coils for tokamaks, and stellerators for controlled thermo-nuclear fusion applications. Dimensions vary from 10cm to 25 m and some weigh up to 300 tones.  There are many types of conductors used, from copper to aluminum to NbTi, Nb3Sn to MgB2.  There are also many different cooling systems: from water circulation to liquid helium baths and supercritical helium forced circulation; also from cryogenic free systems with cryocoolers to integrated plants with large coolers.