GTER S.r.l. Innovazione in Geomatica GNSS e GIS

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Research and Development in the fields of Natural Sciences and Engineering

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Piazza De Marini 3/61 - 16123 Genova

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Piazza De Marini 3/61 - 16123 Genova

Website and contacts   tel 010 8694830  fax 010 8694737

Description and specific excellence

“Gter srl Innovazione in Geomatica, GNSS e GIS" (Innovation  in Geomatics, GNSS and GIS) is a recently established company whose aim is to support local authorities, public administration (PA) and companies of all sizes, as well as individuals working in the Geomatics sector. Gter is a spin-off company originating from the Engineering faculty of Genoa University in Italy. The strong relation between training and research is a key strength and emphasizes the attention to detail which Gter believes is paramount in responding to each and every customer’s need.

Products, services, end markets 

Our company offers services and support for monitoring the environment and the territory through to the integration of different techniques for detection, management and analysis of digital maps and  georeferenced data in general.

Gter also provides innovative solutions and high level consulting in the fields of metric survey along with management and analysis of spatial distributed data, providing a combination of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) positioning and WebGIS analysis services.

Gter's highly qualified personnel manage information coming from satellite receivers integrated with advanced analysis in a GIS environment, as well as designing, planning and implementing innovative and customized solutions which increasingly take the form of a Decision Support System (DSS). An area of great interest that Gter is concentrating on is the integration between GIS platforms and external sensors according to specific Sensor Observation Services (SOS),allowing  customers to make DSS increasingly dynamic and close to reality.