Tecnoforest S.r.l.

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Via Piave 50/2 17019 Varazze (SV)

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Via Piave 50/2 17019 Varazze (SV)

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www.tecnoforest.net   www.tecnoforest.net 

Tel +39 3480340617  +39 3281004784


Description and specific excellence

TECNOFOREST was created in January 2011 as an academic spin-off as a result of the wishes of the three founding members: Professor Ferruccio Pittaluga, Dr. Eng. Emanuela Manzino, and Dr. Eng. Mauro Toso.  The company specializes in:
•Territorial recovery 
•Forestation characterized by rapid growth
•High-energy value biomass  
•System and Energy consultancy

The integration of the various functions proposed by the company is intended to address the current condition of highly precarious development in the Mediterranean hinterland, particularly  in Liguria.  The introduction of an  innovative, systematic  strategy follows the Company  objective of rendering potential investments on the territory profitable.

Tecnoforest has a presence at Mediterranean level as a partner of RMEI, Mediterranea Network of Engineering Faculties (www.rmei.info). In this role Tecnoforest  has participated in various workshops with south Mediterranean partners (Libya, Morocco, Tunisia) with regard to  territorial recovery,  energy projects of semi-desert zones and the introduction  of oil-producing trees.

Products, services, end markets 

The products and services on offer from the company are linked to the availablility of a precious and rare infrastructure such as a “Germplasm bank”. This is used in conjunction with additional activated germination equipment enabling the collection, conditioning, conservation  and supply of activated germination seeds, ready-to-use for the activities described above.

The services offered by Tecnoforest are based on the application of consociated arboriculture techniques and the engineering and environmental skills of the team. These are aimed at:
•Public or private companies who focus on recovering land that is degraded or subject to fires
•Companies interested in the production of high-quality biomass utilized in energy production plants
The core business of Tecnoforest is centered on the supply of the following services:
•Forestation  interventions with rapid-growth consociated arboriculture techniques
•Environmental recovery intervention by use of hydroseeding, with germinating seeds for rapid plant/shrub coverage
•Consultancy in the field of naturalistic engineering, biocombustibles and energy production from biomass plants. Here it offers its expertise as a qualified partner to support all phases;  from the introduction of the species to the territory through to the optimization of  energy production.