ERDE S.r.l.

Commodities sector


Year of establishment


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Legal head office

Milano, Via Solari 9, 20144 

Operational and commercial offices

Acqui Terme (AL), Corso Italia 18, 15011

Genova, Via Bartolomeo Bosco 56/7c, 16121 

Website and contacts Tel. 0144/356806 Fax. 0144/324454 

Description and specific excellence

ERDE is an engineering company which has chosen to apply the methodology and the rational, efficient and integrated characteristics of engineering gained over twenty years to the needs of public and private clients for every action related to the territory, culture and production.   

The Company is organized into four operating sectors, interlinked in order to realize all manner of ideas, projects and interventions, namely:  the setting-up and fulfillment of land policies, obtaining funding for initiatives for urban and regional projects, architectural and engineering projects, administrative practices, technical support and turnkey construction works.  

Since 2011 ERDE has managed ERDEnergy for the construction of geothermal plants and energy-saving heat pumps as well as analysis, design and “turnkey” creation.

ERDE applies a Code of Ethics and has formulated an Organizational Model pursuant to Legislative Decree. N° 231/08 regarding the administrative accountability of companies, the existing rules on Privacy and Security in the workplace, and is equipped with the ISO 9001-2008 Quality Certification for all design and construction activities and the S.O.A.Certificate for participation in public tenders. 

Products, services, end markets 

The Company is structured to solve organizational, ideational and executional problems  in every sector, for government and private clients in the fields of Infrastructure and Industry of Culture and Tourism, Housing, Commerce, Industry and agriculture and agro Services, Defence and Land Reclamation. Erde is able to manage and develop relations with public, regional, national and EU bodies, projects and territorial studies, assistance to companies and public bodies, establishment and management of consortia of public and private clients,  funding from Local Authorities and Community bodies, town-planning projects and complex authorization procedures, conception and preliminary designs, definitive and executive architecture and engineering, and relative constructions, salvage and reuse of areas and historical buildings of architectural and environmental significance.

Over the last few years ERDE has created a new field called ERDEnergie, dedicated to protecting the environment by offering its customers solutions to retrofit existing buildings, and the design and guaranteed creation of geothermal heat pump systems for heating and cooling of residential and industrial buildings.  

A further line of products is represented by systems of wastewater treatment from food processing industries, for instance in olive oil mills.