Parco Tecnologico Valbormida S.r.l.

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Viale della Libertà n.57, Località Ferrania 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV) 

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Viale della Libertà n.57, Località Ferrania 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV)

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Description and specific excellence

Technology Park Val Bormida S.r.l. was founded in 2009 in accordance with a program to implement the  recovery action needed  for the development of Valle Bormida. This has been jointly signed by: Ministry of Economic Development, the Liguria Region, the Province of Savona, City of Cairo Montenotte and Ferrania Technologies SpA.
The in-house company of the Liguria Region FILSE SpA, operates in the areas of renewable energy, energy saving and energy efficiency in chemistry and the general environment.
It aims to:
•Develop the demand for innovation systems in the local area by promoting and supporting the creation and development of innovative new businesses, attract  innovative companies and support  existing processes of research and development of companies and the local area;  
•Provide, on behalf of Liguria, services for public and private companies that directly or indirectly contribute to the development of economic activity in the region;
•Contribute to developing the competitiveness of enterprises by supporting innovation, creation and the management of applied research focused on specific issues of interest to commerce.  It also aims to implement an integrated network of advanced services for companies, concluding agreements with key skills centers, such as universities and public research organizations and private bodies.
The Technology Park builds upon historical skillsand experience in the fields of chemical analysis and organic synthesis at the industrial site of Ferrania (Cairo Montenotte).
The lines of development envisaged + are aimed at  consolidating  traditional activities  using analysis laboratories , synthesis and development of chemical processes currently employed in biotechnology as well as green chemistry in production processes and for the synthesis of new products.

Products, services, end markets 

Enterprise development

•Research and techonlogical transfer
In this field the Park works in collaboration with Universities,  research bodies and firms, including:
-Creation of seminars for the promotion and diffusion of  innovative technologies,
-Technological check-up meetings,
-Feasibility studies,
-Technology transfer projects,
-Applied research projects,
-Analysis activities in the chemical sector

•Innovative enterprise incubator
An integral part of the Technology Park will be the innovative enterprise incubator, the main function of which will be to support and promote the creation of  entrepreneurial initiatives and the development of those already existing.

The incubator is a physical space capable of hosting new and/or existing enterprises that  offer services and materials. Enterprises will have the option of whether to set up physically inside the Incubator or to become associated, enjoying the services offered but remaining outside the main center.
The incubator will be a meeting place for an exchange of requirements and  offers of technology and skills producers. Energy and the environment will be the priority sectors.
-Specialist services
-Strategic orientation and accompanying of enterprise projects by optimal use of corporate feasibility studies covering  all elements of the project;
-Scientific and enterprise tutoring;
-Marketing plans, technical due diligence, legal services;
-Research support for financial subsidies;
-Consultancy on  protection of intellectual property, patents and technological transfer;
-Support of fund-raising by  organizing   meetings with banks, investors and other financial institutions  at regional and National level;
-mentoring program;
-Internationalization and networking activities;
-Training activities on  creation and development of enterprise;
-Interventions for favoring European mobility of young entrepreneurs;
-Development of European projects and partner research support.

Certification center for renewable energy

Residence and infrastructures
The Park is equipped with a guest accommodation service dedicated to  welcoming guests for short and medium stays,  in a building consisting of a  reception, meeting rooms, course rooms, single and , double rooms along with self-contained apartments ( a total of 40 units)

-LRF Building: this is divided into 5 floors with a total area of 2,500 square meters. The building, formerly used for photographic research activities, will now be used for  industrial production and/or service initiatives and its structure can be modulated according to the specific requirements of companies.
The services and facilities provided in the LRF consist of independent distribution networks, such as water, gas, drainage networks, office and laboratory environment conditioning, lighting and emergency systems, and power data networks with 140 wired points. The building is also equipped with industrial elevators, standard elevators and installations for the supply of compressed air and steam.

-Multi-storey building n° 7: this is a reinforced concrete building, rectangular in plan, with two stairwells and elevators. The building is developed on the ground floor and is 3 floors high with a pitched roof. It has a total area of approx. 3000 square metres with offices of various sizes and areas for common use and is suitable also for the setting-up of new companies (manufacturing and/or services) with limited space requirements.

-Building n° 10: Originally a packaging store, this is a single-storey building divided into two separate structures: a wing adjoining building 7 and a wing composed of 6 aisles with a total area of approximately 5,000 square meters.

-Open area: (16,250 mq) adjacent to the LRF building of about 16,250 square meters, with the possibility of new buildings of 6,000 square meters. It is a flat area, inclusive of storage area, reinforced concrete in structure and partially open on the side.

-Technical library: contains an archive of scientific literature and patents on imaging technologies, chemistry, regulations and international business management, dating from the start of  1900 to the present.

-Analysis laboratory: this has been extended to cover a total of 1,400 square meters, equipped with extractor hoods, air conditioning, and fire service area. Located in the laboratory is the instrumentation for analysing and testing  materials. This consists of several instruments organized into independent workstations.

-Laboratory for the development of chemical processes: extended to cover a total of 320 square metres in which there are 12 workstations equipped with dual extractor hoods and divided into 4 independent workstations.

-Multi-layer coating systems: used for  testing of technology regarding the production of thin film.

•Technology Park admittance requirements  
To be present in the Technological Park of Val Bormida either as a  laboratory, a research center, a pilot plant or  with an entire organizational structure and production company,  certain requirements need to be met. Users must:
-be active in the fields of knowledge-intensive or high-tech sectors in the Park;
-be willing to create innovative and industrial programs and/or research with a clear market orientation;
-have adequate financial sustainability of their  initiative, accompanied by a business plan;
-contribute to economic growth and local and regional employment.