MESA S.r.l.

Commodities sector


Year of establishment


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Legal head office

Via Magliotto, 2 - 17100 Savona

Operational and commercial offices

Via Magliotto, 2 - 17100 Savona;
Via Sant'Antonio, 8/10 - 20020 Milano Lainate

Website and contacts    tel e fax 019 861818

Description and specific excellence

MESA’s quality of service, innovation and consultational approach, create value for their customers: these are the foundations on which they build their projects.

A multi-functional team with expertise in all areas of the market with the focus on management control and business organization is ready to help businesses set up strategies to reorganize the way they work to reduce costs, to support the renegotiation of contracts with suppliers and implement projects that create value over time.

MESA is also the leading Italian partner and distributor of Analitica, the solution for BI and CPM (Corporate Performance Management).

MESA works with its customers, companies and governments to seize opportunities and be ready to withstand the difficult moments proposing pre-configured management control solutions, corporate portals, and document management capable of providing scalable high-performance projects.

Products, services, end markets 

Finance governance strategy
• Development of Industrial Plants, Industrial Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration 
• Strategies in Operations and CRM 
• Risk management models DGL 231 
• Strategies and ICT Governance
Planning and management control
• Management Control and Business Planning 
• Business Intelligence and Performance Management 
• Dashboards - Balanced Scorecard, consolidation and statutory and financial reporting
• MBO program performance and human resources
Organization and processes
• Reorganization of processes, organization, IT Assessment and software selection 
• Quality, safety, environment, energy (UNI CEI 11352), ... 
•  IT evolution, Technology Innovation and Business Development plans for Business Continuity and change management.