CeRSAA Centro di Sperimentazione ed Assistenza Agricola

Commodities sector


Year of establishment


   Numbers of employees


Legal head office

Via Quarda Superiore, 16 – 17100 Savona (Sv) 

Operational and commercial offices

Regione Rollo, 98 – 17031 Albenga (Sv) Tel 0182 55 49 49

Website and contacts

www.cersaa.it  cersaa.albenga1@sv.camcom.it  Tel:  019 83141

Description and specific excellence

The CeRSAA: 
• carries out experimentation, demonstration, training and technical assistance in the fields of agro-industry, agro-environment and food production;
• develops and executes regional, national and community projects in the following areas: 
- experimentation, testing and introduction of technological innovations, agricultural and agri-food (crop protection against field, crop and tree pests; strategies and techniques for cultivation, strategies for promoting food products, supply chains, development of the Commodity Exchange Telematics,…);
- experimentation, testing and introduction of agro-industrial innovations (biodegradable and compostable materials, pesticides, fertilizers, substrates for nurseries, plastics to cover greenhouses, solar power, small wind turbines, supplementary lighting, ...);
• disseminates the results of experimental and research activities through technical and popular publications
• promotes the wide dissemination of key issues regarding the agricultural sector to relevant stakeholders thanks to the organization of conferences, workshops and technical meetings;
• broadcasts TV episodes focused on environmental and agricultural subjects to a mass audience through the dedicated format "AgricUltura News" broadcasted on regional TV channels (episodes at www.cersaa.it/down_tg.html) and a dedicated YouTube channel (http://www.youtube.com/user/cersaa1?feature=mhee).

Products, services, end markets 

Service activities:

• plant pathology laboratory: The laboratory is part of the regional network of laboratories (Laraf) and the national network of laboratories of the chamber system (RETELAB) and advises on agronomic plant disease diagnostic services, remote diagnosis, management of agricultural production, VTA (Visual Tree assessment), instrumental analysis of the stability of tall trees and molecular diagnostics (PCR REALTIME);
• smart Center for Agrochemicals: Wise Center operates in "non-agricultural areas", "arboreal", "herbaceous", "forest crops", "medicinal and aromatic crops", "ornamental crops", "horticultural" "tropical crops", "tanning seed", "post-harvest conservation", "weed", "entomology", "Nematologists", "plant pathology", "zoology agriculture", "seed production", "side effects of pesticide treatments crops (phytotoxicity)";
• feasibility studies and due diligence: design and construction of greenhouses and solar greenhouses. 

Target markets: national and international level (for services for agrochemicals).