Ubica S.r.l. Underwater Bio-Cartography

Commodities sector


Year of establishment


    Numbers of employees


Legal head office

Via San Siro, 6 int.1 - 16124 Genova

Operational and commercial offices

Via San Siro, 6 int.1 - 16124 Genova

Website and contacts

www.ubicasrl.com  info@ubicasrl.com   tel 347 73 46 931

Description and specific excellence

•Creation of environmental, biological and ecological studies and surveys in marine and coastal areas (both below and above sea level); 

•Develops, distributes, markets and supports computer programs for three-dimensional mapping;

•Provides assistance, training and the development of any service in connection with computer programs.

Products, services, end markets 

Public administration and management bodies of Protected Marine Areas, both Italian and international; tourism, Mediterranean underwater science, children’s publishing, communication through the development of smart technology.