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Via Vittor Pisani 16 20124 Milano   tel: 02 24141   

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Via Albareto 35 16154 Genova

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Description and specific excellence

ABB is a leader in energy technology and automation which enables utility and industry customers to improve their performance whilst lowering environmental impact.
The ABB Group operates in more than 100 countries and employs around 145,000 people.

Technological leadership, a global presence, application knowledge and strong local expertise are the defining elements of a comprehensive range of products, systems and services that enable customers to improve their operations in terms of energy efficiency, grid reliability and industrial productivity.  ABB was established in 1988 by the merger of two important European manufacturers: the Swedish ASEA, founded in 1883, and the Swiss Brown Boveri, founded in 1891, which in 1903 acquired the Italian Tecnomasio, the oldest Italian electromechanical company created in 1863.

In Italy, the ABB Group has over the years acquired the experience and expertise of many of the best brands in the national electromechanical sector; leading companies that have made the country’s industrial history such as Ercole Marelli, SACE, Officine Adda, IEL, AnsaldoTrasformatori and Elsag Bailey.

Today, the ABB Group in Italy has 5,721 employees in several operational units located in the north and center.  In 2011 export revenues represented 55% of total sales.  ABB Italy invests 2.3% of its turnover in research and development.

Products, services, end markets 

Italy plays the role of Country “hub” for the Mediterranean region encompassing France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, the Balkans, Malta, Israel, Lebanon and the Maghreb.  The organization of ABB Italy mirrors that of the World Group and is divided into five divisions described below.

The main markets

The supply of ABB solutions covers the entire energy chain (production, transmission, distribution, automation, systems and devices for low-voltage applications in industrial, domestic and tertiary sectors). The Group also boasts special expertise in the field of renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro) and is a pioneer in transmission interconnection projects between networks and smart grids, also integrated with innovative and sustainable solutions to the environment (e-mobility and shore-to-ship).
ABB also operates in the fields of maritime transport, rail infrastructure and water networks.  The services are offered worldwide and range from post-sales assistance to the most advanced contractual formulas for Full Service and Operation and Maintenance.  

The business principles of ABB Italy

To build internal value, leadership and performance, ABB focuses on responsibility, respect and determination. Taking responsibility and acting with respect and determination are the levers that ensure the development of ABB's traditional strengths: technology leadership and pioneering spirit will ensure the Company a place in any market.
The key to success lies in the ability of people at ABB to understand and apply the principles of business, collected in a Code of Conduct, which demonstrates the commitment to act ethically and with integrity at all times whilst respecting the rights of every single person.

Sustainable Development

Our commitment to sustainable development comes from clear strategic planning that today enables us to provide answers to customers seeking products and services which are highly energy efficient and environmentally friendly. The attention to environmental issues and focus on saving resources has allowed us also to significantly increase our energy efficiency.

The 5 Divisions - relevant operational information

Within the Group, ABB Italy ( produces leading technology for low-voltage moulded-case and air circuit breakers, modular residual circuit-breakers, pressure sensors and transmitters for the medium-tension air-insulated switchgear and medium voltage circuit breakers. It is also responsible for global research and development dedicated to automation systems for the generation of energy, for the development, production and sale of medium-voltage asynchronous motors (explosion-proof, wound rotor), large induction motors and the Global Technical Service Center for motors and generators. It is also a Center of Excellence for the turnkey construction of facilities in the field of the oil and gas industry and for advanced automation solutions.

Power Products

These are the key components for the transmission and distribution of electricity. The division includes the manufacture of transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, cables and associated equipment. It also offers all the services needed to ensure product performance and extend their life cycle.

Power Systems

This provides turnkey systems services for the transmission and distribution of energy and power plants. Substations and substation automation systems are key areas of focus of the activities, which include flexible alternating current transmission systems (FACTS), high-voltage transmission systems in direct current (HVDC) and network management. Power Systems offer the instrumentation, control systems and electrification for power plants.

Discrete Automation and Motion

This provides products, solutions and services that increase industrial productivity and energy efficiency. Activation, programmable logic controllers (PLC), motors and generators, power electronics and robots provide power, motion and control for a wide range of automation applications. In addition, a team of specialists dedicated to energy efficiency in motorized systems complete the systems portfolio for the fast charging of electric vehicles and inverters for solar.

Low Voltage Products

This offers a wide range of products and systems for low voltage electrical distribution and automation in the residential, tertiary and industrial sectors. It also provides home and building automation systems to the KNX standard for comfort, safety and energy efficiency. A significant portion of these products are made in Italy, in highly specialized and automated production centers.

Process Automation

This mainly provides products and integrated  process solutions for automation, control and optimization of the systems. The industries served include the petrochemical, oil and gas, power, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, pulp and paper, metals and minerals, marine and turbocharging.