Xedum S.r.l.

Commodities sector


Year of establishment


     Numbers of employees


Legal head office

Via Cecchi, 9 - 16129 Genova

Operational and commercial offices

Via Cecchi, 9 - 16129 Genova

Website and contacts

www.xedum.net  info@xedum.com   Tel 010 566876   Fax 010 5956826

Description and specific excellence

Xedum was founded in Genoa in 2001 by a group of communication experts, designers and web developers, all with experience gained throughout the industry. Their  mission is encapsulated by the motto “creator of image“, in short,  building an identity  that emphasizes  its strong  business capability, products and events. Xedum consists of two operational units that complement each other perfectly and which work in close collaboration: one half devoted to the traditional means of communication, the second utilizing its expertise with the world wide web.

Products, services, end markets 

Xedum creates and deals with “the company image”, choosing the right tools to use in each instance, from traditional communication to the website; from the promo mini-site to e-commerce and from the social campaign to the apps for iOS and Android. The pride and joy for Xedum are its links with School Projects. These are communication/information initiatives that enable companies and organizations to transmit a positive image to the field whilst, at the same time, contributing to educating the younger generation about important issues. Through the children, we are able to also reach the family; introducing a truly virtuous circle of information.