Consorzio Ingauno Energia Pulita

Commodities sector


Year of Establishment


     Numbers of employees

n.4 Administrators - n. 19 Professionals– 18 Technicians

Legal head office

Via al Piemonte 121, 17031 Leca d'Albenga (SV) 

Operational and commercial offices

Via al Piemonte 121, 17031 Leca d'Albenga (SV) 

Website and contacts   tel. 0182 21849  fax 0182 20 822


Description and specific excellence

The Consortium is a non-profit organization, active in western Liguria whose aim is to spread the knowledge and use of renewable energy sources. It consists of a group-purchasing consortium offering a significant economic advantage on several fronts: from raw materials to the design and installation of the equipment, to their insurance. It is a service center, providing choices and assisting in technical procedures and regulations for the different phases of construction and operation of plants, as well as for the production and use of energy. The Consortium works to promote the development of a territorial network and the creation of new jobs in the green economy.  It has developed a standard photovoltaic panel and glass greenhouses, and is engaged in a research program and the strengthening of new technologies to the satisfaction of the territory in which it operates, including also the development of agriculture in an energetially-independent greenhouse through the use of renewable energy. In addition, it is involved in the study for the design of a system for managing the life cycle of plants by renewable energy, to achieve the creation of a smart grid through the design of the storage kit for the energy produced by photovoltaic and concentrated solar-power systems, mini hydroelectric  and small wind turbines, and also from wave action.

Products, services, end markets

Catering to individuals, small and medium-sized enterprises and local authorities, it provides materials for photovoltaic, solar thermal and concentrated-solar power and micro wind power systems.  In terms of heating, it offers innovative technologies by installing heat pumps and baseboard radiant heating with low operating temperature and conducts field trials combined with the use of geothermal air/water heat pumps. It represents a center for the associates active in the drawing-up of a convention with consumer groups to ensure maximum transparency and legal cover to its members, in case of disputes over defects in materials purchased by the buying group.

All owners of facilities, be they public or private, can thus assess what is the best way to meet their own energy needs, requesting  suitability assessment using a preliminary draft developed by one of the experts of the consortium. This is then followed by the installation of systems that reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions and at the same time increase the efficiency of the relevant facility and also create a synergy between innovative technology and construction. The consortium will then be successful in its task to ensure the correct application of systems and information, making clients aware of the benefits of encouraging and developing local networks and employment.