B.D.C. S.r.l.

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Via Brigata Liguria, 1 / 23 - 16121 Genova 

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Via Brigata Liguria, 1 / 23 - 16121 Genova 

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www.energheiagroup.com   segreteria.bdc@energheiagroup.com 

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Description and specific excellence

Business Development Consultancy srl (BDC) was founded in Genoa in 1999, just after with the enactment of the new legislation the Bersani Decree, with the objectives of developing plants using renewable energy sources and promoting energy efficient projects based on the use of environmentally sustainable and high performance technologies. BDC is controlled by the holding company Energheia Ltd, founded in Genoa in 2001, and works in the energy market in the dual role of developer and technical advisor.  The staff at BDC, mainly composed of technicians from Ansaldo, enable the Company to operate not only in the field of renewable energy but also in the field of traditional thermo-electric energy, especially gas. As a developer, today BDC has led to authorization to use more than 30 MWe, mainly fired CHP plants in lingo-cellulosic biomass (virgin wood chips). As a technical advisor, BDC has held numerous positions in Italy and abroad, for a total to date of over 1,000 MWe. BDC makes use of professional attributes in the mechanical, civil, urban-architectural, environmental and economic-financial fields enabling the Company to tackle and solve varying operational and management issues. 

Products, services, end markets 

BDC’s business model foresees the integration, in a single process, of all development, authorization and project preparation and production activities and/or energy efficiency in the sectors of biomass, hydroelectric and photovoltaic energy as well as conventional forms of energy.  The business model is an integrated service which minimizes risk to the business and maximizes investment return.  It has been devised and fine-tuned by BDC on the basis of consolidated market experience and operational needs.