SI.RE. Simulazione Dinamica e Realtà Virtuale

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Campus Universitario di Savona Via A. Magliotto, 2 - SAVONA   

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Campus Universitario di Savona Via A. Magliotto, 2 - SAVONA   

Website and contacts  Tel-Fax: 019.21945236 

Description and specific excellence

The SI.RE. Consortium was established in October 2007 following the desire of a number of Ligurian companies (ranging from small-medium to large) and the University of Genoa, following PRAI-FESR funding, to pool resources (hardware and software) and experience to develop a University/Company laboratory which would be a key focal point for research activities and able to bolster not only syndicated companies, but also other organizations in the area.  Equipped with systems that are vital for parallel computing and stereoscopic visualization (the only such equipment in the region and indeed rare nationwide), it represents an important reference point for application activities and research and development related to the methods of stimulation (CFD, FEM,…) and for the use of virtual reality technologies, for example in the areas of personnel training and the maintenance of immersive visualization components or industrial environments and architectural settings.

Products, services, end markets 

The Consortium SI.RE provides consulting services, high-performance computing and high-profile technology for companies. The activities can be divided into two main areas: numerical simulations and modeling in virtual reality environments. In addition, the Consortium, through its highly specialized personnel and with the support of professors and researchers from the University of Genoa, is capable of delivering high-level specialized training in these areas and with regard to procedures and software enabling theoretical and scientific investigation. The activities of the Consortium are augmented by collaborations at international level. Through its staff, the SI.RE Consortium carries out research, funds research at University and Research Institutes and participates in projects and tenders for the financing of research and development. The management and operations of the Consortium are supported by: a Board of Directors, a Director, a Scientific Director and employees with a permanent contract.