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Legal head office

Campus Universitario di Savona, Palazzina Branca Via A. Magliotto, 2 - SAVONA   

Operational and commercial offices

Campus Universitario di Savona, Palazzina Branca Via A. Magliotto, 2 - SAVONA

Website and contacts

www.campus-savona.it  spes@spesspa.191.it  
Tel 019 21945481  Fax 019 21945480 

Description and specific excellence

A consortium focused on the promotion, coordination and creation of teaching and training activities shared with the University of Genoa. It develops incentives for research and company operational and production technologies linked to the local entrepreneurial fabric. This includes the development of research initiatives and projects tied to the Renewable Energy Sector with particular attention on energy saving and environmental impact.

SPES is a non-profit consortium whose main aims are the promotion, coordination and implementation of teaching and training, as well as fostering research and technology and manufacturing operations.  It also develops new initiatives and provides support to existing ones, especially locally, in the province of Savona. SPES is the company formed by various administrative bodies of Savona (Province, Municipality, Chamber of Commerce, Industrial Union) with the aim of designing and implementing the strategic plan to refurbish the former military Bligny barracks and  to transform them into a campus for conducting graduate courses for the University of Genoa.  Since it was formed in 1992, the Company SPES ScpA, has been actively promoting activities for the establishment of the university in the town of Savona. It has also been  working with the University of Genoa in the planning and operations for  the University Campus of Savona. The company is also responsible for the management of the business, the university research facilities along with safety performance.

Products, services, end markets 

The objective of the company is the ongoing research of programs and initiatives aimed at increasing the potential of both technical and didactic activities of the campus, particularly regarding the effect that these would have on the economic and social fabric of Liguria. 
To this purpose SPES provides and shares with UNIGE its ongoing activity in the following areas:
-  Promotion of the campus through initiatives and local and national campaigns  
-  Promotion of training activities through the organization of graduate degree programs: 3 Bachelor programs, four degree programs, first and post graduate level masters
- Various extra-curricular educational activities which are shared with local Savona and other academic institutions: Distance Learning ECM-FAD aimed at professionals in healthcare as well as refresher courses for professionals in the local area
- Research and identification of research projects related to the renewable energy sector, especially regarding environmental impact. SPES has also recently promoted the establishment and operational management of the Institute for Energy Efficiency of Savona. This is one of the 52 Higher Technical Institutes created in Italy by MIUR for the technical training of post-graduates at the end of their course. It features 1850 study hours, shared among academics, teachers of technical institutes and teachers, including 600 hours of corporate internship, allowing trainees to graduate as senior technicians for the creation of systems and enables them to immediately enter a career path.