I.P.S. S.c.p.A.

Commodities sector


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Legal head office

Via A. Magliotto 2 Campus Universitario – Palazzina Locatelli 17100 SAVONA

Operational and commercial offices

Via A. Magliotto 2 Campus Universitario – Palazzina Locatelli 17100 SAVONA

Website and contacts

www.ips.sv.it   segreteria@es.sv.it
Tel. 019 23.02.085   Fax. 019 23.03.476                      

Description and specific excellence

The activities performed by the I.P.S. can be divided into four main areas of activity: 

1. managing infrastructure and recovery of areas for industrial sites: IPS promotes and manages procedures aimed at recovery, infrastructure and the preparation of brownfield sites or sites not utilized to promote new production facilities;
2. managing projects and programs of provincial importance: IPS project supervisor and/or manager of projects and programs subsidized with national and community funding , relative to those for which they are assigned specific tasks for agreements with the central government authorities; these benefits - for both the public bodies and entrepreneurs alike - help provide valuable support to the economic and social development of the territory; 
3. provision of advisory services and assistance to businesses and local public bodies: IPS performs consulting and assistance regarding the implementation of feasibility studies, legal and economic-financial evaluations related to the implementation of complex operations, facilitated access to financial instruments and the sourcing of funding for the implementation of relevant interventions, also through the synergy of public and private resources.
4. research, innovation and energy: IPS manages activities aimed at promoting sustainable development of the region through the creation of systems for energy production from renewable sources and, in the role of manager of the Polo Sustainable Energy research and innovation, promoting research and innovation in the field of energy. 
In the pursuit of these objectives, the organization participates in community projects and collaborates with European institutes and clusters. 

Products, services, end markets 

The goals of IPS are as follows: 
a) initiatives to promote new industrial, craft, trade and tourist centers, as well as initiatives in energy production, with particular reference to the use of renewable energies and in the development of technologies, in line with the research and development shared with other bodies prepared for them; relocation and upgrading of existing ones as well as recovery of areas and buildings that are currently inactive to productive use;
b) the implementation and management of operations through the establishment of specially-equipped industrial areas;
c) organization and realization of collective equipment, laboratories and facilities, taking into account both the needs of savings and energy diversification and environmental remediation, and opportunities for research, development and technological innovation;
d) promotion of industrial production initiatives aimed at creating new jobs; 
e) preparation of the technical-economic and financial feasibility study  for development and production projects; for infrastructures and new business initiatives and/or diversification and development of existing businesses;
f) the provision of support services to start up new initiatives, through the evaluation of the market, technical, economic and financial aspects of these, also checking for the eventual existence and the consequent use of regional, national and/or community funding;
g) promotion and creation of urban plans and projects for the development of the areas;
h) promoting qualitative development of areas, through the creation of common services to businesses, capable of rendering the business community options of these more economical;
i) the conclusion of appropriate agreements, at provincial, regional, national and EU level, for activating the programming tools negotiated.