Ferrania Technologies S.p.A.

Commodities sector


Year of Establishment


Numbers of employees


Legal head office

Viale della Libertà, 57 - 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV)

Operational and commercial offices

Viale della Libertà, 57 - 17014 Cairo Montenotte (SV)

Website and contacts

Tel: 019 5221   Fax: 019 5224494

Description and specific excellence

Ferrania Technologies is the on-site continuation of the historic firm Ferrania, which was created in 1915 and after the Second World War, became the leader in the photographic industry and the Center of Excellence for 3M imaging technology from 1967 to 1996.

The Company is now active in various fields of fine and specialized chemicals, including:
- raw and intermediate materials for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries
- chemicals, dyes, sensitizers and polymers for the image industry
- chemical products, curable resins, polymers and films for the electronics industry
- fluorescent dyes for molecular biology, genomics and medical diagnostics
- custom synthesis

The production site has modern research and development laboratories and is equipped for organic synthesis and chemical analysis. The production facilities are designed for maximum flexibility, with 6 lines of independent synthesis for an overall reactive capacity of 60 cubic meters. State-of-the-art process control ensures quality, reproducibility and safety. 

Products, services, end markets 

Production is directed exclusively at the business-to-business market, in which the company offers products developed in-house, commissioned by and attuned to the processes of the customer, to specifications and in accordance with confidentiality. Where appropriate, the company also carries out studies for process development and synthesis of new products, aimed at start-up production for third parties at their facilities. The company is also involved in research and development partnerships and projects in which they can contribute their technical resources and skills in fine chemicals and materials.