Laboratories and Equipment

The “Sustainable Energy” Innovation Cluster will utilise Cluster-owned infrastructures and technical-scientific equipment and others made available by other exponents of the group. A part of these infrastructures will be located at the University of Savona Campus (combustion diagnostics and calculation centre) and another part at the Valbormida Technology Park (characterisation of materials).

The Cluster will have access to the Smart Polygeneration MicroGrid, a key resource, which is being set up at the Savona Campus.

Available infrastructure:

In September, the Cluster began to acquire the infrastructures set out in the three-year plan.

In this first phase, two combustion diagnostic systems were acquired: “Laser Induced Fluorescence” and “Particle Image Velocimetry” 

Laser Induced Fluorescence - Particle Image VelocimetryMake a reservation

An environmental chamber  (tests:  salt fog, humidification, heating, rain, solar radiation, voltage) is available at the Ferrania Technology Park.


environmental chamberMake a reservation

Soon-to-be-acquired infrastructures

The Cluster intends on acquiring the following main equipment within the next two years:
• Pilot instrumentation for the functional and design characterisation of biomass combustion systems.
• Material characterisation instruments for energy applications mainly in the solar sector. In particular, the centre will acquire a spectroscopic ellipsometer for the characterisation of thin and multi-layer films and a digital gloss meter to analyse surface glossiness.
• Hardware and software for the calculation and simulation centre: HPC cluster and commercial calculation software for analysis codes and technical-financial simulations.
• Digital oscilloscope