Elios S.r.l.

Commodities sector


Year of Establishment


     Numbers of employees


Legal head office

V. Magliotto 2, P.zzina Locatelli, Polo Universitario di Savona - 17100 Savona

Operational and commercial offices

V. Magliotto 2, P.zzina Locatelli, Polo Universitario di Savona - 17100 Savona

Website and contacts

www.eliosenergy.com    tel: 019 88265

Description and specific excellence

Elios designs and creates solutions which use the sun and wind for the production of electrical energy (solar photovoltaic connected to the electric grid or batteries, mini and micro wind turbine systems) and the production of hot water for domestic heating and for sanitary use (solar thermal systems with both mechanical and natural circulation). 

Correct design of the solar-energy system enables a saving of 100% of electricity costs and between 50% and 80% of the costs of thermal energy.  Elios configures systems that exploit renewable sources with the aim of balancing the costs and benefits in order to amortize the solution costs in the shortest time possible. 

Creating an “alternative energy power station” allows clients to be unaffected by the political energy crisis by investing in energy for the future at current costs.  Investing in renewable energy guarantees a gross yield of between 8% and 12%. 

Products, services, end markets 

Elios provides the following services: 

-Problem analysis

-System design and project planning 

-Set-up and activation of plants 

-System certification

-Assistance in obtaining funding in the form of a regional free grants

-Assistance in obtaining state incentives (GSE) 

-Consultation and interfacing with credit institutions.