Smart grid

A synergetic part of the Cluster’s research activities will be the “Smart Polygeneration Microgrid” (SPM), an experimental and demonstrator infrastructure of excellence capable of increasing the quality of scientific research by the Faculty of Engineering and of creating a point of attraction toward the outside world.

The infrastructure will consist of a renewable and innovative generation/cogeneration unit (micro turbines fed with natural gas/syngas, biofuel internal combustion engine, photovoltaic plant, solar concentration thermodynamic plant with Stirling motor, wind farm), a dedicated electric network, to be integrated with the existing grid, special connections to vectorise the heat produced by the cogeneration units and by thermal and electric accumulation systems.

The entire system will be supervised by a control room set up in an energy-efficient building to which signals will be sent from sensors, actuators, data loggers and, in general, from all the smart distributed systems in the field.

The SPM project has the following basic operative objectives: 1) testing in the field (test-bed facility) of various system components; 2) definition of optimum management logic of production (also utilising resource prediction tools) and consumption profiles, aimed at energy efficiency and cost reduction; 3) testing of ICT systems serving the energy world.

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