Renewable energy generation


  • Experimentation on materials, technologies and components to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs
  • Innovative solutions for plant component integration, system automation and energy flow control
  • Special applications in the agricultural, forest, construction, marine and nautical sectors


  • Innovative solutions for wind power conversion
  • Control systems for wind-powered generating units
  • Special applications of micro wind farms in the agricultural, farm holiday and agri-food sectors


  • Wood-cellulose biomass gasification and roasting systems for bio-syngas production
  • Organic residue treatment systems for fermentation-based biogas production
  • Biogas treatment and purification systems for use in high-efficiency energy production systems 
  • Latest generation, low-emission biomass combustion plants

Fuell Cells

  • Development of fuel cell systems for CO2 concentration and high-yield electric power production

Decision-making support systems

  • Innovative instruments (HW and SW) for planning, management and simulation of renewable energy generation systems

Concetrated Solar Power (CSP)

Geothermal science